introducing NGO

Established in February 2018. by co-founders Karla Silic, Dea Botica, Leo Bartolec and Mateo Papic.

IYP Croatia was ”Informal group of young people” from the end of 2016. until January 2018. represented by Leo Bartolec and Sara Melkic

We’ve 38 active members.


Mateo Papic was born in 1992. in a city of Rijeka, Croatia. In January 2009. his mom sent him to national school for tennis referee. From July 2016. he is International Tennis Chair Umpire. That’s his current job. In 2014. he got Bachelor degree in mining. In February 2017. He finished college with a master degree in mining engineering. He’s co-founder and president of NGO from February 2018.

With Erasmus+ programme he started in February 2016. in Zakopane, Poland. He participated on 11 Erasmus+ trainings and exchanges.

Until now,  he’s been to 40 world countries. He travelled from Beijing to Moscow through Mongolia by railway in August 2018.

Karla Silić was born in 1994. in Split, Croatia. After she finished High School on island Korčula, she inscribed Faculty of Law, Department of Social Work in Zagreb where she finished her Bachelor degree. Her first EU project was in 2015 in Hungary and since then she started to be more involved in international exchange and experience what she finds fulfilling. Things in which she enjoys the most, besides traveling are good company, even better music, and tasty food.

Leo Bartolec was born in 1993. Guy passionate about traveling, meeting new people and cultures started his Tourism journey already in high school. So far he gained Bachelor degree in Business Economics and at the moment he is in process of finishing Master’s studies in Tourism at University of Maribor, Slovenia. During studies he went to 2 students mobilities – one in Warsaw, Poland and second in Rovaniemi, Finland. In free time he participates in Erasmus+ projects, enjoys and learns about local culture while traveling and visits electronic music parties and festivals across Europe.

Dea Botica was born in 1995 on the island of Korcula in Croatia, but currently living and studying in Zagreb. She received her BA in Cinematography from Academy of dramatic arts in the Zagreb, and she is currently studying photography on MA program. In her artistic work she is mostly interested in human relations, memories and emotions. And she loves plants and traveling.